PM saves >900 mouse clicks/day in smart project with improved job actions!

Juergen Kiesel 4 weeks ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration updated by Wim 3 weeks ago 6

in job actions the following options are badly missed for selected jobs:
mark all as open
mark all as accepted
mark all as ready

That would save PMs tons of time.(in classic feature it was available)

What do you think?


Sure thing! We have had the same issue and we have fixed it with the API. If you don't have the API, your suggestion would be a great one.

Good to hear thanks! Could you tell me how you fixed the issue? We have the API to connect memoQ server. But I do not know how to access or modify that.


We use a Chrome Plugin to add our own functionalities to this page. For instance, we add a button and this button is 'mark all as ready'. When clicking on this button, the plugin executes an API call for each job. This API call: PUT /v2/jobs/{jobId}/status

This way you have control over all the jobs at once.

sounds awsome, some cool cats here in the forum.
Lets discuss and send me an offer!


@XTRF: Pay this man (Dennis Rosenbaum) and give him his own XTRF Best Practices channel. His suggestions are gold!


Good idea, and while you are at it, a button to copy payables/receivables to other languages when manually inputting them would be great to.