Quantity from the payables in the providers requests

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When sending availability requests, I would like the Payables quantity to be added automatically in the e-mail sent.

I tried several options but none of them seem to work (Yellow section)...

Can you help ? :)

Hi, I don't think you can do that easily (since there may be more than one payable). 

You can create a custom column with this information (word count) and I remember someone had posted the code for that here before. 

If you just want each vendor to see what they would charge if they were selected, you can use ${request.estimatedCost}.

This gives you the amount in euros, not the wordcount found in the Payables>Quantity :(

Yes, there is no easy way to get this as it is not readily available. Also keep in mind that you can have more than one payables for a single job, which complicates things. 

You can create a custom column with a word count, but that is not very reliable as it is the word count estimated by XTRF for editable files (so, if you are sending e.g. SDL packages, this is zero). 

I guess you may be able to get that information by writing a bit of code (either directly or calculate it from the estimated cost and each provider's base rate). 

I think you should probably ask XTRF support. 

You can try the following if you are using CAT payables. The part in bold is the actual tag to bring in the value, which must be wrapped around by the other code...

#set($charge=${utils.unwrap(${activity}).getCatPayable()}) #if($charge)


Thank you for your help.

Unfortunately, I am not using CAT payables...