I need your support to know about XTRF Macro

I need your support to know about XTRF Macros.

I need to know if it is possible to automate a project on XTRF using Macros, i.e. creating a project with workflow, adding receivables, instruction, start date, deadline, assigning to a vendor, adding payables, and starting the job automatically for more than one task according to excel file containing relevant information.


I think all of your whishes are possible. Allthough a lot can be covered by the API. But I have managed to do most of these things for smart projects with the standard automations, macro's and API calls.


it's difficult to answer a question like that.

A lot of these things are achievable even without a macro - using built in features, automations, CAT Tool integrations and so on.
To be able to answer fully, we need more detailed scenarios and busines needs explained.

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