trying to run a view of Jobs with deadlines in Classic Projects via the API

Mike MacKechnie 9 months ago in API updated 3 weeks ago 4

I have set up a view of Translation Jobs for a particular client, showing the deadline for each job. Creating the view on the Portal was easy, but I want to run it via the API so I can use the output to synchronise with another system.

How do I filter the job type?

I have tried ######/home-api/browser/?viewId=9325&&q.activityType:anyOf(1)

The internal ID of the Translation Job Type is 1, where as pre-Delivery is 69, but no matter what I code in the q.activityType:anyOf, the API always seems to deliver the pre-Delivery  jobs!

Am I using the wrong filter? Any help much appreciated. 

Hi Mike,

In your case, to filter activity type with ID 1, use:


Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Best regards,


Yes that works. Thank you.

Is there any way to filter on Customer ID as well?

I only want to return data for one particular client. 

I have tried  &q.clientID=2240 and &q.customer.account=anyOf(2240) but both return "No such filter property"


for the record, I was able to do this by specifying 

&q.customerName=ilike(name of customer)

It's a bit clumsy but it does what I need it to do.