From and Reply-to email address

ellen digby 2 years ago in API updated by Marcin Jakubowski 2 years ago 1

Has anybody had any success in setting up their emails to enable changing the XTRF setting "Set sender email address in" to "From and Reply-to"? This is so that emails to our clients and providers appear to come from the sender of the email (as set in the email template), rather than from our one main email address. I know that it requires settings changes in the email client itself rather than XTRF (in our case we use Outlook) - does anybody have any insight on how to do this? I am going to contact Outlook support but thought I would check here first.

Thank you!

One thing to have in mind when considering this option is that it is generally discouraged by the email providers and may not be possible to be enabled at all.

Having such possibility means that any regular employee could be able to send an email posing to be his boss (ceo@company.com) and this could cause some damage. This is traceable, but only after everyone received such fake message, therefore it is better to prevent this.