Would you be interested in an OCR scanner connected to XTRF?

Mateusz Szymański 2 years ago updated by Michal 2 years ago 3

Hello everyone,

Do you use OCR in your projects? If so, do you use them often or just occasionally? Can you recommend any specific tools (free or paid)? Would you see value in connecting such a service with XTRF as part of the workflow/process?

Looking forward to your feedback,


Hi Mateusz,

We use OCR a lot as a good percentage of our customers can only provide scanned copies of PDFs and such a feature would be very valuable to us. The tool we use is Abbyy FineReader as it has proved to be quite reliable. Thank you


Hello, we use a lot of OCR technologies and it would be great to connect a couple of tools with XTRF. One of the bests are:

1) Adobe Acrobat Online (or Acrobat Pro DC)

2) Abbyy Fine Reader (desktop, not online)

3) OCR Online

We use OCR quite a lot however not sure that automatic OCR output would be good for anything else than extracting text for volume calculation.

In our use cases, to get a solid source text suitable for translation human labour still needs to be involved within the OCR tool check the correctness of the recognition: spelling in the OCR tool itself. Then, formating of the text needs to be done usually from scratch outside of the OCR tool as these tools usually introduce a lot of formatting garbage when they try to recreate the visual appearance of the original. All sort of breaks, text fields, hard defined sizes of tables, multiple font sizes, multiple fonts, etc. can be inserted. 

+ Abbyy Fine Reader Corporate offers features that would be enough to get basic automation running.