Wordcount in Provider notification e-mail

Aude 11 months ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by Juan (Comunica Translations) 1 month ago 3


I would like to add the taks volume in the e-mail notification sent to the provider when starting a job?

I can be hours or wordcount depending on the type of job.

Many thanks in advance!

Hello Aude,

by default notification E-mail/Text Message to Vendor: When job is started doesn't show wordcount (or other Calculation Unit number), only provides Vendor with a link to Job Manager, where these details are displayed.

If this is not enough information for your Vendors, customization of notification would be needed. This you should communicate to your Account Manager from XTRF.

Hello Mateusz,

Many thanks for your answer.

Yes, I would add this information on our notifications. We had it before but for some reason we change our template and this does not appear anymore.

I know I only need to add the right "expression" in the template but I cannot find which code works.

Thanks again for your help.


Hello Aude:

did you finally find out the expression in order to have the wordcount in the job request email?


My best regards.