Production planning and bottlenecks

Sancho Leath 2 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated 2 years ago 1

We are trying to find a better way of anticipating production bottlenecks and engaging more in proactive production planning. As an LSP, it is easy to limit oneself to reactive production planning ... and deal with the consequences. Being able to anticipate bottlenecks in production resources and cyclical customer demand would help to be better prepared.

Essentially, the new productivity view that was recently introduced could be a very basic form of doing so, if it wasn't limited to 1 week!?! I truly hope the request for longer time periods (best case: date range definable by user) has been heard. This would at least cover the number and size of past/current/future jobs of a predefined (via SmartView filters) vendor group. Another way would be to extract all relevant data via API and running a custom analysis on PowerBI or equivalent.

Any other thoughts (XTRF included)?