Is it possible to create a Quote Template just like Project Templates?

Buğra Önen 2 years ago in Something Else updated by Monika 2 years ago 4

We are looking for ways to create Quote Templates as we need to quote for some of our customers for every project and as these are multilingual projects, it is quite time consuming to select languages one and providers every time.

To save some time, we are using "copy task" function but as we are using different providers for each language - it is not very effective at all.

Does anyone have an issue like this before and if so, would be able to come up with a solution?


unfortunately, it's not possible to create Quote Templates or use Project Templates for creating quotes. 
You can speed up selecting providers though, defining proper Vendor Selection Rules and setting up automatic availability requests/job offers sending. 

Could you please provide me with information if you work on Smart/Classic projects and are you taking advantage of automatic requests sending?


Hi Mateusz,

Thank you for your reply. We are using Classic projects and yes, we started to take advantage of automatic requests.

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You can start with basic selection rule, that will choose vendors per quote/project (Abstract Project = Quote or Project) according to its settings - Bind to property will use quote/project values to select vendors.


Hi Bugra,

You can also duplicate Quote, so all the settings will be respected. You will update deadlines and files. I hope this can save your management time.