Upgrade to XTRF 8.1. Your feedback, experience so far? Any new bugs?

Peter Kolar 4 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects with CAT integration updated by Sancho Leath 4 years ago 12


We will be upgrading our XTRF from 8.0 to 8.1 and are wondering, if someone could share their experience with 8.1 so far. Were there any new bugs introduced, is there something we should be careful about? Something we should look forward to? :) Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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We are in the same situation, so very eager to hear other experiences.

Current version of 8.1 is very stable without issues (at least on Classic Projects). There were many bugs in 8.0.x and I think also in the early 8.1 versions, but now everything seems to be running smoothly. 

Anyone upgraded to 8.1 under Smart Projects already? 

We went straight from 6.10 to 8.1 and it has been working reasonably well. We have been getting inexplicable memoQ integration errors, but these do not hinder the actual process flow. Mostly, we are awaiting 8.2 that finally addresses the update of Working TM instead of Master TM when a bilingual document is delivered via VP.

thanks Sancho. What kind of memoQ integration errors are you getting? And are they random, or do you or XTRF see some patterns? I assume you're running memoQ 8.5 alongside then?

From our experience this is not caused by upgrade from 8.0 to 8.1 - there were significant changes to MemoQ integration queue around 6.13, generally improvements but with a few side effects which you unfortunately experienced. There were no major changes in 8.1 in this area except CAT Resources removing.

This issue for Sancho may also be related to migration from his own hosting to our SaaS service, these errors seems to happen randomly and the case is still ongoing.

It this seems critical to you, I recommend waiting few more days until the above issue is explained and fixed.

Thanks for clarifying some of the background.

Yes, we are running on XTRF 8.1.9 with memoQ 8.5.8. The integration errors we are getting on the XTRF side are nondescript, not pointing to any specific errors. They are also random, popping up during different stages of the integration (T/R1/R2). We are still waiting for resolution from XTRF Helpdesk. In addition, XTRF is automatically calling for CAT analyses for no apparent reason at different stages of the integration process. Unless your Finances are automatically updated based on CAT analysis files, this will not be crucial, but an issue that the XTRF Helpdesk is also looking into.

Ok, so this is definitely something that would hinder our translation
process. We will have to wait until this issue is fixed I guess. Did
XTRF provide any feedback on when these issues will be fixed?

No time indication given so far.

Just for your information, about 80% of our customers already have 8.1

We're on Smart Project and on 8.1.x. The upgrade had some hiccups, mostly related to vendor management, but they were addressed in subsequent minor bug fixes. It's been pretty smooth for us.