Vendor LISA evaluation in classic projects after editing or review.

Kristine 4 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by Marco Ballauri 2 years ago 6

Could the XTRF team or other XTRF users who are using the Classic Projects please share how to organize LISA vendor evaluation data input in the most optimal way?

How do you send, receive and input the LISA criteria in XTRF for each evaluated job? Seems like a hellish manual work for PMs for each job to work accordingly to ISO 17100:2015.

It works great in Smart Projects – the editor can evaluate the vendor straight from the Vendor Portal.

In Classic projects this is not working.

Please share your best practices.

Thank you very much!  


Hello Kristine,

We had the same question. Unfortunately XTRF has abandoned development for classic project's and this useful feature will never be available.

The way we do it is, we have created an Excel file with the same layout as the form in XTRF and copy the results from there to XTRF.

Thank you, Alexandros! We had something similar in mind, but we are worried about possible human errors when copying the data every time manually. Thanks again and wishing you a great day!

Well this is bad news, I was just looking into this.. Are you still doing it manualy or did you find any other workaround?

Still doing it manually, similarly to what Alexandros described.


I don't understand why the development of classic projects is abandoned when there are so many people using it. Especially taking into account that Smart projects don't work with integrations of cat tools other than memoQ...


Hello we have the same question as GonzaloUrrizza, why the development of classic projects is abandoned when the integration of cat tools is working only with classic?