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Codruta Rusu 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 3 years ago 3


I just registered on vendor portal as a translator and it prompts me to tick "i agree with terms and conditions". However, i cannot see anything under them; usually when someone is prompted with such message, there is a link to read and analyze such terms and conditions.

What am i missing?

Also, would it be possible to upload a Framework agreement or a SLA somewhere to be seen/read by vendors and tick it in agreement to make the recruitment process easier?

Any idea/suggestion is welcome.

Thank you very much!


Any PDF or DOCX can be uploaded to Vendor Portal Settings.

It is then downloadable for the recruiting users.

My question was rather around the fact that downloading an agreement would mean the translators need to print it, sign it and upload it again someplace else, which is not very time effective.

What i need to know is if there is any way for this SLA to be uploaded somewhere, and when the translators log onto the portal to be prompted, just as they are with T&Cs, with the SLA, to be able to read it and "tick" for agreement.


OK, then that sounds much more like the consent management functionality we are planning to add later this year.

You may be interested in a conversation we had with the community and the design we shared there: https://xtrf.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/360-terms-and-conditions-on-vendor-portal