Where in Vendor portal native language can be speciefied.

Kaspars Klavins 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Krijn 2 years ago 5

We could not find where a vendor can specify his native language in the vendor portal


It is not available in Vendor Portal and from what I see you are the first one to mention that need.

If you think it should be added, please request that functionality in our Product Development Ideas forum: https://xtrf.userecho.com/communities/1-product-development-ideas


For me it looks logical, that when registering, vendor could specify his mother tongue. Don't you think so?

Not sure why voting is disabled, but I would absolutely upvote this suggestion if I could.

Kaspars, from what I understand, vendors can indicate their native language(s) when registering in XTRF, but NOT once their profile has been created. I don't understand why this is the case, and I think this field should still be available to vendors when they log into their accounts.

Moreover, in the Home Portal, the vendor's native language can only be viewed when looking at the vendor's contact info. This makes it extremely cumbersome to filter for vendors with a particular native language. I can understand why it might be helpful to identify native languages per contact for a vendor, but for the overwhelming majority of our vendors, the profile is for an individual freelancer and it's not helpful to have the native language hidden in this section.

Hi Seyma

This information is also available on the Vendor Profile. In the Competencies and rates section where you can find the language combinations of the Vendor. For every language, combination Vendor can work with there's additional information if the Target form that LC is native for the Vendor.

To complete that, there's a filter on the Vendor browse called Target as Native Language. This is a simple Yes/No selection but with the combination of the Target language filter will help you quickly filter out the Vendors native is a specific Target language.

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Hi all,

I think the target as native Language filter is a good option. Prefereably next to the suggestion to have the mother tongue field available as a column or filter in the vendor selection screen.

Is there a way to auto-populate the field target as Native Language in some way? Otherwise it is a lot of manual work for our vendor managers. If you have to tick this box for all vendor and Language combinations then it would take weeks. Also maintaing an up-to-date vendor database is very cumbersome in this way. Any automation suggestions?