Automatic Action - Fetch RTF

Peter Kolar 4 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects with CAT integration updated 4 years ago 4

Hi everyone,

We are using an Automatic Action in our workflow, which automatically fetches Two Column RTFs from memoQ. The problem with this autoamtic step is that if you reimport the document in memoQ (to apply special filtes), XTRF loses the GUID of the file and automatic action fails.

Does anyone use this function?

Kind regards,


Not yet, but it sounds super interesting. Is the automatic action prebuilt or did you make it? If we could automate the creation and then reimport to memoQ, that'd be awesome.


Hi Cori,

You can set it up as you described, which is what we wanted to do as well. You can have it send and receive packages (including rtf file). You simply create two automated actions, one to fetch and one to push and incorporate them in your workflow.

We are also very much interested in running Fetch Package actions. Are you using Classic or Smart? I was of the opinion that such actions do not yet work with Smart Project integrations.

We are running Classic projects with CAT integration, did not test Smart Projects yet