How to avoid sharing additional project files, pasckages received during the project wit other team members

Kaspars Klavins 3 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Misha van der Kroon 4 days ago 3

Sometimes we have projects where customers send new additional files which tjan need to be translated bu additional translators. When we add them to project they are shared with all translators. Is there a way to avoid this?


Every file can be shared with particular vendors in the process.

Immediately after adding a new source document, make sure it is shared with the right translator:

We have the same problem. When the right provider is selected in the way you have described, all other providers have already received an email that their jobs have been updated. Is there a way to avoid that?

Is the issue above (every provider receiving an update) solved and if so, how? We have that same issue and are looking into ways to avoid this. Hopefully you can help!