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"GDPR" is the key word for this particular release.

Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation will include:

Other features that are expected:

  • further security improved
  • API extensions such as:
    • Browser API to retrieve all pages
    • Support parameterized macros
  • many minor improvements such as:
    • Classic Jobs showed on Vendor Schedule
    • CRM Events associated with vendors showed on Vendor Schedule
    • Improved names for CAT Analysis files retrieved from memoQ
    • Turning on/off Automatic CAT Analyses calculation made optional
    • Filter for Last Modification added to vendor and client scopes
    • SDL Groupshare – PM and Vendor Roles in Root Organization made optional

Things to have in mind before upgrading:

  • Archiving will be now possible for Projects and Quotes, both Smart and Classic. The action can be run manually or automatically, using Periodic Job (available in Professional and premium plans). If you used "Archive Projects" Periodic Job before to archive closed and canceled Projects, please note that it will now archive also rejected Quotes.

Deprecated functionality:

  • It is the last version where Audit Entries are available in read-only mode. This functionality was replaced by Classic Project History in XTRF 7. XTRF 9 will not have any trace of Audit Entries.

See also: XTRF system compliance with GDPR.

XTRF will deliver GDPR related features in 2 batches:

  1. [edit: this part was delivered] The first one, occurring in version 8.0, is going to include the absolutely necessary functionality allowing you stay conform to GDPR regulations, and namely to delete unwanted data from your database, ie.:
    • remove smart projects and quotes from all portals' interfaces
    • archive the files by packing them and moving to a location where they can be secured or deleted
    • erase personal data from client, vendor, and contact person profiles by anonymizing them
  2. The second batch will include consent management functionality and will also happen within version 8 but with a minor update of 8.n.
Release Notes

When is this version expected to be released?

That's a bit late, GDPR being enforced 25.5.

Do you have a printable version of this information with the different links/manuals mentioned?

This forum is the sole place where we publish this kind of information.

Bug fixes and improvements are specified in the following news:

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