Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 4 years ago in Major Release, e.g. 8.0.0 updated 4 years ago 1

DEV-5093Imports - Technical;Sub-task: Update import template
DEV-6059Smart Project - Job Offers;Sub-task: [UI] Front-end for vendor price profile filter
DEV-6143Configuration - Customization;Sub-task: Replace default background in wildfly
DEV-6149Configuration - Customization;Sub-task: [UI] Use customized background and favicon in HP
DEV-6164Configuration - Customization;Sub-task: Initialize Branding app
DEV-6223Configuration - General;Sub-task: Setup Branding to save and read data
DEV-6224Configuration - General;Sub-task: Localization Setup
DEV-6232Configuration - General;Sub-task: Initializing Branding app in Main XTRF
DEV-6368Smart Project - Jobs;Sub-task: [UI] Display warning about actual job start date according to backend
DEV-6382Smart Project - General;Sub-task: rewrite sticky sidebar on scroll
DEV-6392Smart Project - General;Sub-task: Localization using sanitize strategy
DEV-6408Smart Project - General;Sub-task: Update angular & Jquery versions
DEV-6754?;Sub-task: Basic NG5, TS environment (with running test)
DEV-6778Smart Project - General;Sub-task: Create date range picker
DEV-7126Imports - Clients;Sub-task: 500 error during loading imports
DEV-2687Smart Project - Finance;Bug: [UX Review] Remove Project Summary header from Finance card
DEV-2791Vendor Portal;Bug: Vendor Portal does not work correctly on mobile devices
DEV-3030Client Portal - Technical;Bug: Dead Link in CP
DEV-3266Budget Codes; Client Portal - Quote and Project Request;Bug: [UI] Budget Codes are not displayed in alphabetical order in Customer Portal
DEV-3324Smart Project - Finance;Bug: [UI] Project reloads if editing Receivables or Payables ends with Cancel
DEV-3363Client Portal - Projects;Bug: [Stability 6.4] [UI] Double "Download" icon in CP
DEV-3519Files;Bug: File name encoding problems
DEV-3561Integrations - Salesforce;Bug: Salesforce error email template has errors
DEV-3589Integrations - Salesforce;Bug: [Stability 6.5] Error when Run periodic job
DEV-3730Integrations - QuickBooks;Bug: Error while running QuickBooks Online Synchronization
DEV-4099Smart Project - Process Design;Bug: [Stability 6.7] Error when change languages in fork Subprocesses
DEV-4124Configuration - Smart Projects;Bug: Smart Projects create folder structure like Classic Projects
DEV-4128Client Portal - Localization; Client Portal - Quotes;Bug: [Stability 6.7] [UI] No 'contact person' placeholder on Customer Portal
DEV-4353Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Target Language different in memoQ than in XTRF
DEV-4365Pricing and Rates; Vendor Portal; Vendors;Bug: Vendor's minimum charges disappear when accepting rates
DEV-4406Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Incorrect memoQ process change
DEV-4419Clients; Invoicing; System - Smart Views;Bug: [UI] Macros label is hihger than other labels when zoom changed
DEV-4575System - Smart Views;Bug: [UI] Smart View settings window too narrow
DEV-4667Smart Project - General;Bug: [UI] Correct icon alignment in tables
DEV-4669Configuration - Customization; Filters and Views;Bug: View - Permission - Feedback
DEV-4678Smart Project - Jobs; Smart Project - Scheduling;Bug: [UI] No changing Dates when move Job on Gantt
DEV-4696Vendor Portal; Vendor Portal - Technical;Bug: Duplicate enrolment_directory - unauthorised access to files
DEV-4708System - About; System - Licensing;Bug: [UI] Typo and outdated information in Configuration
DEV-4747Client Portal - General;Bug: Special Instructions from Client Display in CP
DEV-4752Configuration - Integration; Integrations - CAT - Memsource; Integrations - CAT - SDL Trados;Bug: [JDK8] Add SDL Groupshare/Memsource cat tool button changes user ID
DEV-4766Clients; Vendors;Bug: Photo uploaded from the social media not showing anywhere
DEV-4771Smart Project - Scheduling; Vendors;Bug: [UI] To big space between Job belt and pop-up on Vendors browse
DEV-4779Smart Project - General;Bug: [UI] Wrong vertical padding for embedded info message on Files Card
DEV-4800Smart Project - General;Bug: [UI] Quality Assurance section is not highlighted when scrolling in Smart Project
DEV-4806Projects and Quotes;Bug: Multiple times pressing on save button while adding receivables
DEV-4823Smart Project - Finance;Bug: [Stability 6.9] Wrong value cannot be converted into decimal on receivables/payables
DEV-4828Vendor Portal - Company Profile;Bug: [Stability 6.9] [UI] Tooltips in VP are not localized according to selected language
DEV-4863Integrations - CAT - Memsource;Bug: Post-Editing Analysis is not added to 'Memsource' project
DEV-4872Client Portal - General;Bug: Search in Customer portal doesn't work for Russian language
DEV-4894Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: [UI] CAT Analysis is multiplied while adding to memoQ Smart Project
DEV-4935Integrations - CAT - Memsource;Bug: Error after copying task with Memsource / duplicated Resources
DEV-4956Smart Project - Files;Bug: [UI] Datepicker icon badly aligned
DEV-4981Reports;Bug: [UI] "X" overlapping the Datepicker while generating Report
DEV-4997Smart Project - Job Offers;Bug: [UI] Offer expires in time is not displayed correctly
DEV-5013Clients;Bug: [JDK8] [UI] Contact Persons in Customer or Vendor profile are not displayed till Save pressed
DEV-5045Configuration;Bug: Merging clients gives an error
DEV-5049Smart Project - Process Design;Bug: [Stability 6.10] Drop-down lists in Process Designer are not expanding
DEV-5092Classic Projects and Quotes; Smart Project - Finance;Bug: [JDK8] [UI] Issue while adding CAT Receivable/Payable
DEV-5263Smart Projects and Quotes;Bug: [UI] Data in Order card disappear if typed in too fast
DEV-5271Smart Connectors;Bug: [JDK8] [UI] Cannot resize code editor in smart connector and macros
DEV-5289Configuration - Clients and Vendors;Bug: [UI] Client/Vendor configuration issue
DEV-5290Configuration - Clients and Vendors;Bug: [UI] Bookmarks on Client/Vendor Settings are not expanding
DEV-5293Smart Project - Finance;Bug: [UI] Issue while editing Receivable of Payable details - Finance card
DEV-5345Integrations - CAT - SDL Trados;Bug: Trados Integration and machine translation issue
DEV-5423Smart Project - Files;Bug: [UI] Edit Properties pop-up is not closed when file deleted
DEV-5429Smart Project - General;Bug: [UI] Client Deadline, Expected Delivery Date, Offer Expiry hour changes itself
DEV-5432Invoicing - Clients;Bug: Task/Contact Person not updated after change of Smart Project/Client Contact Persons/Main Contact
DEV-5494Filters and Views; Reports;Bug: Incorrect localization of columns in Client Feedback view
DEV-5519System - History;Bug: [History] Incorrect action for Task
DEV-5537Projects and Quotes;Bug: [UI] Select Vendor pop-up with scroll
DEV-5540Smart Project - Automations;Bug: [UI] Automatic People Assignments - Cases not listed alphabetically
DEV-5583Smart Project - Files;Bug: [UI] Incorrect details in File Filters
DEV-5612Classic Projects and Quotes;Bug: Download preview doesn't work
DEV-5674Smart Project - Automations;Bug: [Stability 6.10.5] Minimum Job Duration is changing itself if no hour provided
DEV-5702System - History;Bug: [Stability 6.12] Information about Quote/Project even when turned off in History configuration
DEV-5734Classic Projects and Quotes; Client Portal - Client Review;Bug: Cannot finish 'Client Review' step via CP
DEV-5745Smart Project - Jobs;Bug: Wrong links styling in job side bar
DEV-5751System - History;Bug: [History] [UI] Unnecessary loading when filter is not changed
DEV-5759Smart Project - Finance;Bug: Semi-automatic CAT Receivable cannot be created without fixed rates
DEV-5791Smart Project - General;Bug: [UI] Multiselect dropwn target languages
DEV-5806Smart Project - General;Bug: Date picker is not working in vendor selection rules
DEV-5810Smart Project - Process Design;Bug: [UI] Buttons in Automatic Receivables/Paybles dispalyed incorrectly
DEV-5813Vendors - Selection Rules;Bug: [UI] Date or date and time settings are not shown on custom field
DEV-5831Vendors - Selection Rules;Bug: [UI] Overall & Specific Evaluation - filter label displayed incorrectly
DEV-5843Filters and Views; Smart Projects and Quotes; Vendors - Selection Rules;Bug: [UI] Example on date filters is not showing chosen dates range
DEV-5865Smart Project - Jobs;Bug: [UI] Language symbol is doubled on splittong pop-up
DEV-5889Classic Projects and Quotes; Resources; Workflows;Bug: Missing 'edit" link for Project Template in Workflow Definition
DEV-5904Clients; Vendors;Bug: No validation of email addresses
DEV-5913Smart Project - Scripted Step Types;Bug: Wrong target languages for files described by language combination
DEV-5914Smart Project - Scripted Step Types;Bug: Languages list not empty for files described by language combination Any>Any
DEV-5916Clients;Bug: Satisfaction Survey filled by PM is not saved
DEV-5918Integrations - CAT - Memsource;Bug: Cannot create project in Memsource with in-house vendor in XTRF
DEV-5930Smart Project - Scripted Step Types;Bug: Wrong languages setting when adding files via scripted job
DEV-5933Classic Projects and Quotes;Bug: Project cannot be duplicated without "Propagate .. " checkbox
DEV-5948Configuration - System Information;Bug: [UI] System Values restore not working
DEV-5950Invoicing - Vendors;Bug: Tax Calculation Rule for Vendor Invoices not applied correctly
DEV-5967Smart Project - Jobs;Bug: [UI] 'Share Files with' - window displayed incorrect
DEV-5974Client Portal - Technical;Bug: [UI] Additional contact person added in CP does not appear in HP
DEV-5997Vendors;Bug: Notes from Vendor not displayed in Jobs view (Smart Projects)
DEV-6010Classic Projects and Quotes; Configuration - Integration; Integrations - CAT - Memsource;Bug: Correct ISO 639-1 code for Afar (aa)
DEV-6022System - History; System - Search (Quicksearch);Bug: [UI] Quick search service is constantly queried when manipulating history filters
DEV-6026Smart Project - Finance; Smart Projects and Quotes;Bug: [UI] Icons wrong placed
DEV-6028Vendor Portal - Technical; Vendors;Bug: Corrupted Files
DEV-6030Client Portal - Quote and Project Request;Bug: Missing validation on "Request a quote" form in CP
DEV-6031Integrations - CAT; Integrations - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Unknown External Systems preventing memoQ integration from working
DEV-6032Integrations - QuickBooks;Bug: QuickBooks - make sure that items selected for synchronization are not added to QB if they are correlated with Customers profile excluded from synchronization
DEV-6033Integrations - CAT - SDL Trados;Bug: CAT Tool Batch Action: prepare packages does not work properly with Trados
DEV-6034Filters and Views;Bug: [UI] Correct Edit View popup in Old Views
DEV-6049Configuration - Workflows; Integrations - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Vendor can not open files in webtrans
DEV-6055Dashboard;Bug: [UI] Status change button on dashboard is visible after some time
DEV-6075Configuration;Bug: Client validator - default contact person
DEV-6076Integrations - Quickbooks Online;Bug: QuickBooks Online - issue with Clients & Vendors Invoices (& Payments) synchronization
DEV-6077Integrations - CAT - XTM;Bug: Project not created in XTM because of wrong name of project
DEV-6080Files;Bug: Clients not able to download files
DEV-6081Integrations - WeLocalize;Bug: Welocalize Synchronization down
DEV-6086System - History;Bug: [UI] Calendar is bonded with right edge
DEV-6087Smart Project - Finance;Bug: [UI] Payables UI is extended when Minimal Charge exist
DEV-6088Invoicing - Vendors;Bug: [UI] Add empty Vendor invoice - select Vendor
DEV-6091Clients;Bug: [UI] Contact person search bar problems
DEV-6092Client Portal - Quote and Project Request;Bug: [UI] Missing checkbox 'Send deliverables to this contact' after switching between pages in Request From in CP
DEV-6093Client Portal - Quote and Project Request;Bug: [UI] Missing Contact Persons after switching between pages in Request From in CP
DEV-6094Smart Project - Job Offers; Vendors - Selection Rules;Bug: Incorrect results while sorting two identical items
DEV-6098Classic Projects and Quotes; Projects and Quotes;Bug: [UI] Vendor label is not centered when Select Vendor in Classic Project
DEV-6099Invoicing - Vendors; Vendor Portal - Invoices;Bug: Cannot upload file while adding new Invoice in VP
DEV-6100Smart Project - Files; Smart Project - General;Bug: Fix image resources in smart projects
DEV-6103Invoicing - Clients;Bug: Can not confirm Payments in Client Invoice
DEV-6104Invoicing - Clients;Bug: Customer Invoice is not shown on Customer Portal
DEV-6118Smart Project - Finance;Bug: [UI] Finance overall tab does not display content
DEV-6122Filters and Views;Bug: [UI] Incorrect window size in Permission tab
DEV-6124Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: [New memoQ] Issue with automatic synchronization
DEV-6125Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Bilingual Documents can not be added to Project in memoQ
DEV-6131Smart Project - Automations;Bug: Automatic delivery files is not working
DEV-6132Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: [UI] Wrong information about shared files on tooltip
DEV-6133Smart Project - General;Bug: Issue while creating new Smart Project
DEV-6134Smart Project - General;Bug: [New memoQ] Issue while creating new Smart Project - Unmarshalling Error: Errors limit exceeded. To receive all errors set com.sun.xml.bind logger to FINEST level.
DEV-6135Configuration - Integration;Bug: [UI] Duplicate memoQ label in cat tool configuration
DEV-6137Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Error after doing some action in HP while synchronizing action in progress
DEV-6138Smart Project - Technical;Bug: Unexpected subdirectory for pa_storage
DEV-6139Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: RTFs uploaded via VP are not added to memoQ
DEV-6150Classic Projects and Quotes; Integrations - CAT - SDL Trados;Bug: [UI] Amounts in payables change after saving
DEV-6152Client Portal - Quote and Project Request;Bug: Issue while switching between pages in Request From in CP
DEV-6153Vendors;Bug: [UI] Issues when adding calculation unit in vendors rates
DEV-6159Integrations - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Remove 2015 from memoQ cat tool in configuration
DEV-6166Clients; Smart Projects and Quotes; Vendors;Bug: Order information missing after merging clients
DEV-6168Customizations - Custom Fields;Bug: Cannot add Custom Field - NPE
DEV-6169Smart Project - General;Bug: Cannot add project
DEV-6182Configuration - System Values;Bug: Wrong localization of Discount/Surcharges Value label
DEV-6183Configuration - System Values;Bug: Tax Rates issue
DEV-6186Classic Projects and Quotes; Projects and Quotes; Smart Projects and Quotes;Bug: Can not create task
DEV-6191System - History;Bug: Initialization history module on existing database is too slow
DEV-6193Classic Projects and Quotes; Projects and Quotes; Smart Project - Finance;Bug: When change fast type of Receivables/Paybles error occures
DEV-6196System - Smart Views;Bug: [UI] Drop-down lists on Smart Views are moved from filter
DEV-6203Smart Project - Automations;Bug: [UI] Part of information moved on automation pop-up
DEV-6204Smart Project - Files;Bug: Any is not selected when deselect regular items
DEV-6205Smart Project - Files;Bug: Any is not deselected on pop-up with Files
DEV-6212Smart Project - General; Smart Project - Process;Bug: [UI] Erratic behavior in smart project dates
DEV-6229Filters and Views;Bug: [UI] "Preferred by Clients Price Profile" filter cannot be added to View
DEV-6231Filters and Views;Bug: [UI] Badly rendering of 'Add Prefered Vendor' view
DEV-6233CRM; Filters and Views;Bug: CRM email view issue
DEV-6234Filters and Views;Bug: [UI] Filters in Vendor Selection Rules for Availability Requests are displayed too close together
DEV-6248Filters and Views;Bug: [UI] Better display of placeholder for "Preferred by Clients Price Profile" filter
DEV-6253Classic Projects and Quotes; Smart Project - Finance;Bug: [UI] Incorrect display of columns in "Add CAT Receivable/Payable" window
DEV-6254Smart Project - People;Bug: [UI] Person select scroll bar on smart project
DEV-6258Configuration - System Values;Bug: [UI] Unnecessary field on languages configuration page
DEV-6260Filters and Views;Bug: [UI] Cannot add new view from CRM module
DEV-6263Imports - Rates;Bug: Cannot import provider rates
DEV-6269Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Project in memoQ is not created after Process Change
DEV-6274Vendor Portal;Bug: Vendor Portal doesn't work
DEV-6275Integrations - CAT - Groupshare;Bug: Cannot edit Groupshare configuration
DEV-6281Integrations - CAT; Integrations - CAT - MemoQ; Integrations - CAT - Memsource; Integrations - CAT - SDL Trados;Bug: Checkboxes in External Systems tab are not saved
DEV-6282Vendor Portal;Bug: Vendor Portal error (while opening Job in VP)
DEV-6286System - General;Bug: Background picture issue
DEV-6290Classic Projects and Quotes;Bug: [UI] Checkboxes are not greyed-out when "Propagate Receivables" is unchecked
DEV-6292Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Error when many actions in progress
DEV-6296Pricing and Rates; Projects and Quotes;Bug: Talents' fixed rates in payable are not calculated correctly
DEV-6302Bug: [UI] When adding calculation units to rate I cannot scroll to confirm
DEV-6309Smart Project - Automations;Bug: Duplicates in a repeater error in console
DEV-6312Integrations - CAT - Memsource;Bug: Issue while creating task with Memsource / updated API
DEV-6313Classic Projects and Quotes;Bug: [UI] Better alignment of File name in Task input
DEV-6321Smart Project - Finance;Bug: Fix finance localization delay
DEV-6325Configuration - Integration; Integrations - CAT - Groupshare;Bug: SDL Groupshare is not saving all data in configuration
DEV-6340Classic Projects and Quotes; Integrations - CAT - SDL Trados;Bug: Trados workflow definition cannot have two 'Package Preparation' jobs
DEV-6348System - History;Bug: [UI] Change datepicker color
DEV-6352System - Performance;Bug: Improved VP performance
DEV-6353Configuration - General;Bug: [UI] No localization on Internet Explorer
DEV-6355Clients; Configuration - Clients and Vendors;Bug: [UI] Satisfaction survey configuration has some icons invisible
DEV-6370Quote Request Form; System - Security;Bug: Cross-site scripting vulnerability in QRF
DEV-6371System - Licensing;Bug: Too many flags on licence server
DEV-6376Log-Viewer;Bug: External systems logs unreadable - log viewer malfunctioning also
DEV-6380Classic Projects and Quotes;Bug: Classic calendar is weird
DEV-6401Integrations - CAT - Groupshare;Bug: Correct error messages localization
DEV-6409Client Portal - Projects; Client Portal - Quotes;Bug: Client Contacts have access to projects and quotes from not theirs department.
DEV-6420Configuration - General;Bug: Change size of default picture
DEV-6424Resources;Bug: [UI] Race condition in javascript on processing popup
DEV-6426Smart Project - Files;Bug: [UI] Issue while adding Files
DEV-6427Configuration - Smart Projects;Bug: [UI] Steps are mixed when edit Process Template
DEV-6429Integrations - CAT;Bug: Cannot add existing resources via Resource Tab
DEV-6434System - Smart Views;Bug: Value in Base Currency columns issue
DEV-6437System - General;Bug: Link styling broken in Home Portal
DEV-6438Bug: Search doesn't work in Process Templates Edit
DEV-6439Smart Project - Jobs;Bug: [UI] Changing process template makes lingering phantom jobs appear
DEV-6442Integrations - CAT - Memsource;Bug: Links to 'Memsource' configuration works incorrectly for new PM
DEV-6449Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Deleting memoQ project issue
DEV-6454Technical;Bug: Replace random email addresses with
DEV-6455Technical;Bug: Repair tests related to dates
DEV-6463Technical;Bug: Fix failed tests for all branches
DEV-6474Client Portal - Invoices;Bug: "Invoice date" label does not exist in the customers repository
DEV-6475Projects and Quotes;Bug: [UI] Quote GUI broken
DEV-6476Smart Project - Finance;Bug: 'Default TM Rates Type' in Customer Price Profile ignored while creating Automatic CAT Receivable
DEV-6481Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Bilingual documents are not delivered to memoQ
DEV-6489Smart Project - Finance; Smart Project - General;Bug: [UI] Can not change Client Price Profile in Smart Project
DEV-6506Filters and Views;Bug: [UI] Gross total filter does not work properly
DEV-6507Vendors;Bug: [UI] Issue with parsing customer name
DEV-6509Configuration - Integration; Configuration - System Values;Bug: [UI] Configuration bookmarks are not bolded
DEV-6510Filters and Views;Bug: [UI] Pop-up to edit view is out of page
DEV-6511Smart Project - Technical;Bug: [UI] Calendar not saving dates in Smart Projects for language different then English
DEV-6512Bug: [UI] Remove the requirement to two fields in Groupshare Configuration
DEV-6536System - Smart Views;Bug: Tooltip issue
DEV-6542Smart Project - Job Offers;Bug: Make natural sorting more case-insensitively
DEV-6543Configuration - Customization;Bug: Do not serve branding assests until system is fully initialized
DEV-6548System - General;Bug: Fix timezone offset (moment)
DEV-6555Smart Project - Finance;Bug: Fixed Rates not added to Automatic CAT Receivable
DEV-6556System - Licensing; Vendor Portal;Bug: [UI] Piwik runs on Vendor Portal after disabling analitics on license server
DEV-6557Configuration - General;Bug: [UI] Change tooltip according to SG
DEV-6564Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Exception when creating project in memoQ
DEV-6568Configuration; System - Licensing;Bug: [UI] Feature toggle on SL "custom fields" does not hide CF and Hidden Fields in configuration
DEV-6581Client Portal - Projects; Client Portal - Quotes;Bug: Cannot create quote/project from customer portal
DEV-6584Smart Project - Languages;Bug: Error when choose Target Languages first in Smart Project
DEV-6587Invoicing - Clients;Bug: [UI] Better display of icons on Invoice form
DEV-6590Invoicing - Clients;Bug: Error while opening Customer or Vendor Invoice / cannot add Classic Project
DEV-6597Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: No change process option available when project in memoQ created
DEV-6603Configuration - Smart Projects;Bug: Missing editor for Scripted Steps - Process Steps (Smart)
DEV-6605Finance;Bug: Prepayment button does not work
DEV-6613Smart Project - General; System - Smart Views;Bug: [UI] UI issues
DEV-6614Classic Projects and Quotes; Finance;Bug: [UI] Page dropping down while adding Prepayment
DEV-6615Smart Project - Finance; Vendor Portal - Jobs;Bug: PO cannot be downloaded from VP when not all jobs have payables
DEV-6623Smart Project - Automations; Smart Project - Finance;Bug: Semi-/ Automatic Payables not added when incorrect CAT Analysis file added to Smart Project
DEV-6625Configuration; Configuration - System Values;Bug: Country does not save in bank account field in payment method
DEV-6643Smart Project - Process;Bug: Quick changing processes cause an error on cat-integration enviroment
DEV-6646Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: [UI] Confirming document segments action is not localised on pop-up after restart
DEV-6649System - Smart Views;Bug: 500 error when editing or creating View on Projects or Quotes
DEV-6651Smart Project - Job Offers;Bug: Automatic assignment of vendor after acceptance of job offer
DEV-6652Clients;Bug: Adding client error
DEV-6657System - General;Bug: Pre-bound JDBC Connection found error
DEV-6673System - Smart Views;Bug: Amount in base currency is not recalculated after changing base currency
DEV-6679Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Deleting memoQ project is not executed
DEV-6693Smart Project - Files; Smart Projects and Quotes;Bug: [UI] Add File pop-up issue
DEV-6712Configuration - General;Bug: Add proper flags
DEV-6714Configuration - General;Bug: Remove warning message
DEV-6730Smart Connectors;Bug: [UI] Remove "-" from 'Add Smart Connector'
DEV-6735Clients; Pricing and Rates; Vendors;Bug: AdaptiveMT Baseline value from TM rate is populated into Rate value
DEV-6739BIRT Templates;Bug: Error when try to use document template with BIRT 2 on master
DEV-6742Vendors;Bug: [UI] Better size of "Vendor Rate - Add" window
DEV-6743Vendors;Bug: [UI] Better display of TM Rates in "Vendor Rate - Add" window
DEV-6745Smart Project - Job Offers; Vendors - Selection Rules;Bug: Better sorting by Custom field while sending Job Offers
DEV-6746Client Portal - Quote and Project Request; Client Portal - Quotes;Bug: Stop showing PDF and value for quotes with no receivables (project launch scenario)
DEV-6751Smart Project - Process Design;Bug: [UI] Subprocesses side panel is broken
DEV-6759Smart Project - Job Offers; Vendors - Selection Rules;Bug: Job Offers - sorting Vendors by Estimated Cost - incorrect Price Profile
DEV-6761Smart Project - General;Bug: Files removed from Files card after migration to master
DEV-6764Customizations - Custom Fields;Bug: Custom fields come back to empty
DEV-6767Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: After migration to master periodic synchronisation is down
DEV-6779Smart Projects and Quotes;Bug: [UI] Data in Order card disappear (if typed in too fast)
DEV-6781Classic Projects and Quotes;Bug: [UI] Issue while Converting Quote into Project
DEV-6788Filters and Views; Invoicing; Invoicing - Clients; Invoicing - Vendors; System - Smart Views;Bug: [UI] Cannot add invoices and pro-forma invoices, cannot change view when adding invoices
DEV-6789System;Bug: Branch master is not working properly
DEV-6792Filters and Views;Bug: [UI] Cannot edit the Task View in Project > Finance
DEV-6793Smart Project - Files;Bug: Issue with manual files delivery in Smart Projects
DEV-6795Client Portal - General;Bug: [UI] CP background picture flashes when signing in to CP
DEV-6797Smart Project - Job Offers; Vendors - Selection Rules;Bug: [UI] Incorrect label for 'Preferred by Client' filter in Vendor Selection Rules (Smart)
DEV-6798branding; Configuration - General;Bug: [UI] Save button is activated when upload picture only
DEV-6799Configuration - Smart Projects; Vendors - Selection Rules;Bug: [UI] Inactive 'Vendor Selection Rules (Smart)' are not displayed on view
DEV-6807Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: CAT Analysis are not created after migration
DEV-6810Configuration - General;Bug: Apply proper flags
DEV-6821Classic Projects and Quotes; Integrations - CAT - MemoQ; Vendor Portal;Bug: Vendor can not get to job details via Job Manager in classic memoQ project
DEV-6824Client Portal - Settings (in HP);Bug: [UI] Remove "Your Company's E-mail Address" from CP configuration page
DEV-6833Integrations - CAT;Bug: [PRE-STABILITY 7.0] [UI] Error while adding a new external system receivable/payable
DEV-6838Smart Project - Jobs; Smart Project - Scheduling;Bug: Incorrect time in warning message about difference between 'Planned Start Date' and 'Actual Start Date'
DEV-6840Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Error message about confirming segments even when confirm and update action is successful
DEV-6846Login (in HP);Bug: [UI] Sign in again pop-up is not centered
DEV-6861branding; Configuration - General;Bug: [UI] Picture disappears when close add file pop-up
DEV-6864Invoicing;Bug: Lack of 'Paid Value' and 'Unpaid Amount' columns on Invoices view
DEV-6871Smart Project - General; System - General;Bug: Oops on Firefox during many actions
DEV-6880Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Doubled bilingual documents
DEV-6881Integrations - CAT; Smart Project - Files;Bug: CAT Analysis file is not recognized in Smart Project
DEV-6882Classic Projects and Quotes; System - History;Bug: Cannot open old classic projects
DEV-6883System;Bug: Failing CI build
DEV-6885Customizations - Notifications; System - Home Page;Bug: [PRE-STABILITY 7.0] [UI] Password reset link not working
DEV-6886Smart Project - Jobs;Bug: [UI] Smart Job Sidebar scrolling doesn`t work
DEV-6888Smart Project - General;Bug: [UI] Date field should be aligned
DEV-6889Projects and Quotes;Bug: Apply proper anchor link
DEV-6897Smart Project - Finance;Bug: [UI] All content in one page finance in Smart projects
DEV-6900Smart Projects (in HP);Bug: dao target source switcher spring configuration problem
DEV-6902Smart Projects (in HP);Bug: migration scripts timeout
DEV-6904Classic Projects and Quotes;Bug: [UI] Better display arrows in jobs panel
DEV-6906Opportunities;Bug: [UI] Missing placeholder in opportunity module
DEV-6907Project Templates; Smart Project - Process; Smart Projects and Quotes;Bug: [UI] Part of process configuration is not available
DEV-6908Login (in HP);Bug: [UI] Sign out card is not centered
DEV-6910System - History;Bug: Adding Quote/Project actions are not localised in history
DEV-6911Configuration - Workflows;Bug: [UI] Separate Filter label & window in Browse Workflow Definitions
DEV-6912System - History;Bug: Scope Project or Quote is not filtered
DEV-6914System - History;Bug: History section is not available on classic Project/Quote
DEV-6922Smart Project - Scripted Step Types;Bug: Smart Project with scripted step - wrong no files info
DEV-6926Smart Project - Job Offers; Vendors - Selection Rules;Bug: Better sorting by Custom field while sending Job Offers / Custom field - Type: Text
DEV-6928Smart Project - Automations;Bug: Automations (smart) label does not change
DEV-6929Customizations - Custom Fields; System - History;Bug: Two-piece custom fields names are not localised in History
DEV-6931Smart Project - Job Offers; Vendors - Selection Rules;Bug: Better sorting by Custom field while sending Job Offers / Custom field - Type: Date & time
DEV-6939Smart Project - Files;Bug: Add proper margin on upload tab
DEV-6941Vendors;Bug: [UI] Better display of 'Set as Default' button in Vendor's Price Profile
DEV-6944Integrations - CAT - MemoQ; Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Incorrect default settings in memoQ Statistics configuration
DEV-6945Customizations - Virtual Columns; Filters and Views;Bug: Total Value column
DEV-6954Customizations - Custom Fields; Smart Project - Job Offers; Vendors - Selection Rules;Bug: [UI] Cannot add Custom field with Type: Date and Time in Vendor Selection Rules (Smart)
DEV-6955Classic Projects and Quotes; Smart Project - General;Bug: Issue while creating Smart or Classic Project
DEV-6964Vendor Portal;Bug: [UI] Long names of the projects without any spaces does not wrap properly in the Vendor portal
DEV-6965Smart Project - Job Offers; Vendors - Selection Rules;Bug: [UI] Change label for 'Preferred by Client' filter in Vendor Selection Rules (Smart)
DEV-6969Integrations - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Project 180114 is stalled
DEV-6974Integrations - CAT; Integrations - CAT - MemoQ; Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Remove incorrect warning message from memoQ configuration
DEV-6977Integrations - CAT - MemoQ; Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Add 'ShowCounts_IncludeWhitespacesInCharCount' & 'RepetitionPreferenceOver100' to memoQ integration
DEV-6990Filters and Views;Bug: Present only active Clients and active Price Profiles in filters
DEV-6991Filters and Views;Bug: Improve filter labels for "Preferred by Client"
DEV-6992Filters and Views;Bug: [UI] Improve consistency of filtering components for "Preferred by Client"
DEV-6993Opportunities;Bug: [UI] Missing validation on Add Opportunity page
DEV-7002System - History;Bug: When diffrent currencies within Classic Project Task Total Cost value is not recalculated in History
DEV-7008Classic Projects and Quotes; Integrations - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: [UI] Better display of memoQ/Statistics options in Task configuration
DEV-7009Configuration - Templates;Bug: I can select more than one default item on Theme list
DEV-7011branding; Configuration - General;Bug: [UI] No possibility to upload file on Branding when enviroment created with empty database
DEV-7012branding; Configuration - General;Bug: Customer Branding configuration is used as default instead of XTRF
DEV-7013Smart Project - Files;Bug: Get CAT Analysis for All Documents button barely visible
DEV-7017Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: 'Assigning vendors and dates to the project in memoQ' - action performance
DEV-7021System - General;Bug: Static content - no authorization filter
DEV-7025Imports - Technical;Bug: [UI] 'Live Preview' is not localized when importing data
DEV-7032Smart Project - History;Bug: [UI] History in Smart Project filter is not working properly
DEV-7033Filters and Views;Bug: [UI] Set date range in Smart Project filter is not working properly
DEV-7037Imports - General;Bug: Don`t import this entry is not working correct
DEV-7040Smart Project - Jobs;Bug: [UI] Smart Jobs schedule view issue
DEV-7041Configuration - Templates;Bug: [UI] E-mail template issue
DEV-7051System - History;Bug: Display Total Values with Currency in History
DEV-7056Smart Project - Jobs;Bug: [UI] Remove black dart from UI
DEV-7066Projects and Quotes;Bug: [UI] Better display of warning messages in Add Project window
DEV-7070Classic Projects and Quotes; Finance;Bug: [UI] Page dropping down while adding Files in Classic Projects
DEV-7072Configuration - Smart Projects; Vendors - Selection Rules;Bug: [UI] Better display of filters in Vendor Selection Rules (Smart)
DEV-7079System;Bug: Cannot deploy environment from branch master
DEV-7080Scheduling; Vendors;Bug: [UI] White shadow on schedule
DEV-7083Imports - General;Bug: Import pages not fully localized
DEV-7084Classic Projects and Quotes;Bug: [UI] Input files are not copied while duplicating Classic Project
DEV-7093Imports - Clients; Imports - Vendors;Bug: [UI] Checkbox fields values are not shown on import live preview
DEV-7099System - Smart Views;Bug: Vendors selection rule filter localization to json
DEV-7101Smart Project - History;Bug: [Stability 6.7] Project history HP in PL loc issue
DEV-7114Smart Project - General;Bug: ReplayPlanBuilder should raise an exception instead of logging message, when saga class in unavailable for class loader
DEV-7115Smart Project - Files;Bug: [UI] Popover is not aligned with Fiel Actions button
DEV-7116Configuration - General;Bug: Hours on calendar are not compatible with date and time format
DEV-7132Classic Projects and Quotes;Bug: Can not modify/create instructions in Quote
DEV-7133Client Portal - Invoices;Bug: Search bar in CP invoicing does not work
DEV-7134Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: R1 Job cannot be reverted when document status is quickly changed in memoQ
DEV-7138System;Bug: Cannot deploy environment with client database
DEV-7144Smart Project - Finance;Bug: Cannot send Project Confirmation
DEV-7152Smart Project - Finance; Smart Projects and Quotes;Bug: [UI] Better display of minimum Charge in Smart Projects / Finance
DEV-7153System - General;Bug: [UI] UI issue
DEV-7154Workflows;Bug: [UI] No frames around certain fields and drop-downs on UI
DEV-7160Customizations - Notifications;Bug: Cannot send e-mail: E-mail/Text Message to Client: When quote is sent to client for approval (Russian)
DEV-7164Customizations;Bug: [UI] Visual differences between fields
DEV-7169Client Portal - Invoices;Bug: Error when edit Localized Description Expression while adding Client Payment Terms
DEV-7170Invoicing - Clients;Bug: [UI] Display issues when selecting multiple invoices (Client Invoices view)
DEV-7181System;Bug: XTRF 7.0 - cannot deploy
DEV-7185Integrations - CAT - MemoQ; Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Missing project ID in debug log information about starting of CAT integration action
DEV-7194Integrations - CAT - MemoQ; Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: [7.0] Error message while testing new memoQ-CAT tool
DEV-7196Vendor Portal - Settings;Bug: [UI] VP configuration - unlocalized label (all languages)
DEV-7199Projects and Quotes;Bug: [UI] Project confirmation label overlapping with a drop-down list (German & French)
DEV-7202Integrations - QuickBooks; Integrations - Quickbooks Online;Bug: [UI] QuickBooks integration - display issues
DEV-7213Invoicing - Vendors;Bug: [STABILITY 7.0] Net value on empty vendor invoice not populated
DEV-7217Pricing and Rates;Bug: [STABILITY 7.0] Add All / Remove All links glued in Client Price List Rate - Add window
DEV-7226Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: Redundant Assign Vendors and Dates actions
DEV-7229Classic Projects and Quotes;Bug: [STABILITY 7.0] No possibility to Add Contact Person in classic project when client does not have any active contact person anymore
DEV-7230Smart Project - Files;Bug: [STABILITY 7.0] [UI] Incorrect page numbering in the Smart Project Files section
DEV-7233Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Bug: [STABILITY 7.0] MemoQ - synchronization not working for more than one LC
DEV-7238Scheduling; Vendors;Bug: [STABILITY 7.0] Vendors view with Schedule column is displaying with errors
DEV-7242Smart Project - Finance;Bug: [STABILITY 7.0] [UI] Payable and receivable overlaps connected
DEV-7244branding;Bug: [STABILITY 7.0] [UI] Problem with branding localization
DEV-7247System;Bug: [STABILITY 7.0] [UI] Services list is cut
DEV-7251Smart Project - Files;Bug: [STABILITY 7.0] [UI] Cannot change file categories in SP
DEV-7254Integrations - Quickbooks Online;Bug: [STABILITY 7.0] Issue while recovering deleted invoice in QBO (UK)
DEV-7255Customizations - Custom Fields; Smart Projects and Quotes;Bug: [STABILITY 7.0] Oops when Copy to All Languages used
DEV-7256Client Portal - General;Bug: [Stability 7.0] [UI] Customer Portal modification wrong language codes
DEV-7257Smart Project - Languages;Bug: [STABILITY 7.0] Language is deleted even if user cancel action in Smart Project
DEV-7258Smart Project - Languages; Smart Projects and Quotes;Bug: [STABILITY 7.0] [UI] Language Custom Fields section is not shown when no other CF exist
DEV-7275Client Portal - General;Bug: [Stability 7.0] [UI] Automation add case + UI issues
DEV-7291Customizations - Custom Fields; Smart Projects and Quotes;Bug: [Stability 7.0] Fix custom field styling
DEV-7293Client Portal - General;Bug: [Stability 7.0] [UI] Cross-site scripting vulnerability in invoices module
DEV-7300Client Portal - General;Bug: [Stability 7.0] [UI] Automatic People Assignments -> add new case
DEV-7301Classic Projects and Quotes; Smart Projects and Quotes;Bug: [STABILITY 7.0] [UI] When validation displayed items are in red
DEV-7303Smart Project - Scheduling;Bug: [STABILITY 7.0] [UI] I can move Job on Gantt in Smart Project when Invoiced
DEV-7304Vendors;Bug: [STABILITY 7.0] [UI] No results found for message in Vendor profile
DEV-7306Vendor Portal - Jobs; Vendor Portal - Technical;Bug: Vendor portal hangs on large amount of jobs - performance issue
DEV-7307Smart Project - Process; Smart Project - Process Design;Bug: [Stability 7.0] Edit process templates is not working
DEV-6117Integrations - CAT - MemoQ; Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Business Task: Testing new memoQ integration
DEV-6716Configuration;Business Task: Change the name of .json file in the Branding module
DEV-6817Technical;Business Task: Change the name of .json files(s)
DEV-6984Integrations - CAT;Business Task: Check Across CAT Tool Analyses
DEV-7150System;Business Task: Testing upgrade to XTRF 7.0 - replay database checking
DEV-7186System;Business Task: New numbering line for database scripts 7.0
DEV-7234System;Business Task: [UI] Selectors od dropdown for selenium
DEV-405Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ; Smart Project - General;Improvement: [MemoQ] Finish jobs when document status was quickly changed in CAT Tool
DEV-1039Filters and Views; System - Smart Views;Improvement: Make Smart Views filter names consistent with columns and recognisable
DEV-1639Integrations - CAT; Integrations - CAT - MemoQ;Improvement: New memoQ CAT analysis to be recognized
DEV-3118Reports; System - Performance;Improvement: Move default BIRT report templates to JAR
DEV-3403Smart Project - Automations;Improvement: [Archi Debt] Migration with big databases is slow - tens of hours
DEV-3919Filters and Views; Projects and Quotes; System - Smart Views;Improvement: Finance filters in Quotes views
DEV-3947Dashboard;Improvement: Dashboard Widgets: add Jobs to scope of smart views
DEV-4130Customizations - Document Templates;Improvement: Add isAutoTotalAgreed() to Templates API
DEV-4228Smart Projects and Quotes;Improvement: Optimize DomainEventEntry store (and other stores) to use proper data types
DEV-4273Client Portal - Projects;Improvement: Customer Portal to show more than 50 tasks in a Project
DEV-4444Smart Project - General;Improvement: Keep special items (Any, Don't Change) on top of the dropdown list
DEV-4638Smart Project - Job Offers; Vendors - Selection Rules;Improvement: Job Offers: Add option to filter by Overall and Specific Evaluation in Vendor Selection Rules
DEV-4639Smart Project - Job Offers; Vendors - Selection Rules;Improvement: Vendor Selection Rules need multiple levels of sorting
DEV-4672Integrations - CAT - Memsource;Improvement: As PM, I want to log into Memsource under my own alias to get a broader overview of the project
DEV-4793Integrations - CAT - MemoQ; Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Improvement: Add support for Advanced Fault Handling in memoQ
DEV-4968Classic Projects and Quotes; Integrations - CAT - Memsource;Improvement: Memsource - Managing Resources (TMs and TBs) by Template
DEV-5057Configuration - System Values;Improvement: Tax (VAT) rates to support 3 decimal points for Canadian users
DEV-5104Quote Request Form;Improvement: Cross-site vulnerability in new QRF
DEV-5127Integrations - CAT - Memsource;Improvement: Make naming new users better in Memsource integration
DEV-5202Availability Request; Smart Project - Job Offers;Improvement: Job Offers: Add option to filter by Preferred Vendor in manual selection of vendors to Jobs and Job Offers + in Classic Projects
DEV-5235BIRT Templates; Reports;Improvement: Remove BIRT2 from EAR
DEV-5425Integrations - CAT - MemoQ;Improvement: Support full memoQ statistics settings
DEV-5470Invoicing - Clients;Improvement: Download all invoices from customer invoices view
DEV-5619Integrations - CAT - SDL Trados; Integrations - CAT - Trados Agent;Improvement: Remove support for older Trados versions (v2011 & v2014)
DEV-5665Classic Projects and Quotes; Integrations - CAT - Groupshare; Integrations - CAT - SDL Trados;Improvement: [Groupshare 2017] Ensure compatibility
DEV-5982Configuration - System Values; Customizations - Periodic Jobs;Improvement: Enable more currency exchange rates to be pulled by the periodic job
DEV-6012API;Improvement: Home Portal User API extension
DEV-6062Opportunities;Improvement: Opportunity module should has the same search component like project module
DEV-6211Smart Project - Jobs;Improvement: Allow little time delay before warning about actual job start date
DEV-6242Integrations - CAT - Groupshare;Improvement: Allow GroupShare integration to work with TM-only server licence
DEV-6255Client Portal - Quote and Project Request;Improvement: Update predefined languages in custom CP request form
DEV-6359Integrations - Quickbooks Online;Improvement: QB Online 'UK': Tax Rates Synchronization
DEV-6379Smart Project - General;Improvement: [UI] Increase Performance of Smart Projects
DEV-6385System - Smart Views;Improvement: Add columns/properties: value in Base Currency
DEV-6440Smart Project - General;Improvement: Moving dependencies to npm and gulp to webpack
DEV-6524Configuration - Integration;Improvement: Synchronizowanie wpisów z pikacza
DEV-6554Client Portal - Quote and Project Request;Improvement: Changes in custom CP request form
DEV-6601Integrations - Quickbooks Online;Improvement: QB Online 'Canada': Tax Rates Synchronization
DEV-6622Dashboard;Improvement: Front / welcome page revamp
DEV-6713System - General;Improvement: Apply proper behavior after file upload
DEV-6780Localization;Improvement: Change Slovak localization from Basic to Full
DEV-6816Invoicing;Improvement: Add columns/properties: value in Base Currency - additional fields
DEV-6919Smart Project - General;Improvement: White space eliminator
DEV-7052System - User Account;Improvement: Add method hasImage() from User to UserSnapshot
DEV-4296Smart Project - CAT - MemoQ;Story: Implement Action: DeleteCATToolProject
DEV-5460Configuration - Customization;Story: Add ability to customize background and favicon in HP
DEV-5461Configuration - Customization;Story: Add ability to customize background and favicon in VP
DEV-5462Configuration - Customization;Story: Add ability to customize background and favicon in CP
DEV-5463Configuration - Customization;Story: Protect each portal branding with licence features
DEV-5465Configuration - Customization;Story: [UI] Make configuration page prettier - accordingly to mocks
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