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  • Personalized dashboard
  • Smart Project history
  • Graphical overview of scheduled jobs
  • Automated work with Smart Quotes and Smart Projects
    • Automated step types
    • Purchase Orders sent automatically
    • Automatic delivery to client
    • Automatic finance management
    • Automatic quote-to-project conversion
    • Automation panel
    • Automatic scheduling
    • Automatic job splitting
    • Automatic CAT analyses
    • Automatic vendor assignment
  • Copying Smart Projects and Quotes
  • Smart Project alerts in notification center
  • Smart synchronization of your memoQ data
    • memoQ projects created without a click
    • Smart Projects with file filters in memoQ
    • CAT tool document status in Smart Projects
    • Bilingual documents for vendors in projects integrated with memoQ
  • Getting CAT analyses for bilingual documents
  • Home Portal API includes Smart Projects commands
  • Home Portal: Manual time logging


  • Improved messages for SDL Trados Studio integration
  • Custom fields available in shared scope and for Quote Request Form
  • Client's preferred vendors
  • Smart Connectors to create quotes
  • Smart Connectors allow connecting to external REST services
  • Vendor Portal: PDF invoice files at hand
  • Vendor Portal: Opening work files in CAT tool interface with one click
  • Vendor Portal: Exporting bilingual documents to vendor's local machine
  • Vendor Portal: One display with all price profiles
  • Vendor Portal: Tracking vendors' working time for memoQ jobs
  • Customer Portal: Different rights for client's requester and approver
  • Customer Portal: New sign-in page
  • Customer Portal: Quotes and projects associated with access rights
  • Customer Portal: Better project finder
  • Customer Portal: Filter items on the list in all modules
  • Customer Portal: Custom Fields and Actual Delivery Date
  • Customer Portal: Cost Centers / Budget Codes
  • Customer Portal: Improved Project Confirmation
  • Customer Portal API: Business reports
  • Customer Portal API: Correction to saving additional notes entered


  • Language-independent tasks less prominent
  • Adding new Client at project creation stage
  • Selecting additional contacts
  • Flexible approach for job auto-starting
  • More flexibility in Vendor Filtering Rules
  • Date fields are validated
  • Convenient file handling
  • More informative Finance Overall card
  • Improved Job Offers
  • Step Types management
  • Forking processes (EXPERIMENTAL)


  • Classic Projects: "Simple Context" setting is TRUE by default memoQ integration
  • Automatic creation of invoices per contact person from task
  • Enhanced Quote Request Form
  • Calculation of Gross Total on vendor invoices has been corrected to avoid differences on rounding numbers
  • Email notifications for PMs, Clients and Vendors have been improved
  • Default CAT tool list has been updated
  • Floating license approach
  • ... and lots of other functional, visual and textual corrections to the user interface have been introduced


  • Document Templates BIRT2 Engine

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