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This version has been superseded by XTRF 8 due to GDPR requirements and is no longer installed. Its support expires on November 30, 2018. All our efforts are focused on improving XTRF 8.


  • Smart Job Evaluation with LISA via Vendor Portal (optional)
  • Vendor Portal: Passing on information from one provider to the following
  • Optional add-on: Posting job offers to
  • Optional add-on: Calculating distance to job venue based on Google Maps
  • Optional add-on: Creating reports in Google Data Studio (beta) via HP-API connection


  • Java 8 replaced the old Java 7 to improve your security
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Integration with Memsource
  • Memsource: issue fixed where the integration was unable to create user for vendor linked with PM
  • Memsource: mapping vendors (not only users) with their own Memsource accounts
  • Memsource: managing resources (TMs and TBs) by template
  • Memsource: better naming of new users
  • New Trados 2017 CAT analyses recognized
  • New memoQ CAT analyses recognized
  • Support for advanced error handling in memoQ added
  • Support for full memoQ statistics through CAT tool settings
  • Dashboard widgets: jobs added to scope of smart views
  • Home Portal Configuration layout was redone
  • PM can be assigned per Service
  • SmartCAT analysis files recognized
  • Tax calculation on invoices changed
  • Make Smart Views filter names consistent with columns and recognizable
  • Finance filters available in Quotes views
  • More world currency exchange rates available thanks to OpenExchangeRates integration


  • File properties editable on upload popup
  • Synchronization with memoQ enhanced
  • Split complex CAT Tool actions to separate ones
  • The start, sequence and count of CAT tool actions when (batch) adding files to memoQ
  • PreTranslated segments in memoQ's Review 1 and 2 automatically confirmed
  • Certain properties of a closed project become editable
  • Job blocks on Gantt charts reflect actual start and end times
  • Vendor holidays taken into account in vendor selection rules
  • Vendor Portal: ZIP packages contain language-based structure
  • New placeholders available in email templates
  • Configuration: Step Types are made modifiable
  • Configuration: Minimum time for each step type
  • Sorting job offers by estimated price takes discounts and surcharges into account
  • Improvements to vendor selection rules behavior
  • Job auto-starting on manual Job Offer accept (without Job Offers automation)
  • Language-level custom fields available in Smart Projects


  • Classic Projects: Notes summary on one project page
  • Classic Projects: Filtering out Automatic Actions from lists
  • Classic Projects history
  • Support for SDL Trados Studio 2017
  • Support for memoQ 8.2
  • Smart View for jobs list added on the Dashboard
  • Client Portal: New default delivery time
  • Client Portal to show more than 50 tasks in a quote/project
  • Specialization list updated
  • Email themes: new & updated
  • Built-in documents updated
  • Downloading of all invoices in a customer invoices view
  • Visual identity modifications on login pages across the portals


XTRF 7 is offered in the following languages: English UK, French, German, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish and Ukrainian.

Chinese, Dutch, Estonian, Japanese, Romanian, Lithuanian and Swedish are present in client-facing interfaces only.

From 7.0, XTRF discontinues localization into: English (Canada) and Finnish.

In future releases, XTRF is planning to expand the list of localized languages with Irish for client-facing interfaces and Japanese for the whole UI.

Based on feedback received from our clients and in an attempt to unify terminology in the XTRF platform, we have introduced the following changes:

  • English (US) will be the default system language from version 7.0
  • “Smart” in “Smart Project”, “Smart Quote” and “Smart Views” will be treated as an XTRF-specific concept and left in English
  • “Customer Portal” has been renamed as “Client Portal”; the term “client” is now used exclusively in the system
  • From now on, the English (US) version will be consistently using the term “vendor”
  • “Virtual Column” has been renamed as “Custom Column”
  • Project/Taks/Job status “Opened” has been changed to “Open”
  • The term “vacation” referring to vendor unavailability has been replaced with “holidays”


  • Old Document Templates Engine (BIRT2)
  • Quote Registration Form (the old one)
  • FTP Access
  • Support for versions older than 2014 of SDL Trados and memoQ
  • Unsecure HTTP access no longer supported
  • More information
  • Reminder: Salesforce integration is considered deprecated in this and the following versions

A Knowledge Base article specifying the major changes to expect in XTRF 7:

If you are upgrading from an older version, visit the history of previous XTRF releases:

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