XTRF 9.3 Release Note

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Raise the accuracy of your analyses with a separate CAT grid for Memsource with added JSON support.

Take advantage of new XTM CAT grid features: XLSX format support and added processing of machine translation metrics.

Manage resources more efficiently by mapping multiple Client profiles to one memoQ profile.

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Table of contents

  1. New features
  2. Other enhancements
  3. Deprecated features
  4. Relevant bug fixes

1. New features

Separate CAT grid for Memsource

Memsource users can now precisely calculate how much money can be saved on a Project with machine translations, translation memories, non-translatables and repetitions.

A dedicated CAT grid includes all Memsource-specific match types.

In addition to existing analysis formats (.CSV, .CSV with chars, .LOG), we have added .JSON support, which is, by far, the most detailed when it comes to output data. If you want to use it as a default format in the integration:

  1. Go to the Configuration Menu > Integrations > CAT Tools.
  2. Edit ‘Memsource’.
  3. Scroll down to Analysis Settings and from the Analysis Format drop-down menu select JSON.

The new Memsource CAT grid can be found in all necessary areas, from Client & Vendor settings, through CAT Payables & Receivables of a Project, to the ‘Reports’ module.

2. Feature enhancements

    New XTM CAT grid features

    To keep up with XTM standards, an .XLSX format support has been added to the XTM CAT grid. It now works with .XLSX, .XLS and .CSV files.

    On top of that, a new Match Type ‘Machine translation’ has been introduced, to help calculate the savings from machine-translated files as well.

    Many-to-one Client mapping from XTRF to memoQ

    XTRF integration with memoQ now allows for mapping multiple XTRF Client profiles to a single Client profile in memoQ.

    Up to this point, Client profiles in XTRF and memoQ were matched by the “username in external system”, and the integration would block mapping another Client profile in XTRF with the same username in memoQ. Now this limitation has been lifted.

    The update is designed to make managing resources in memoQ projects more convenient. Especially if the same resources are, for example, shared between multiple people within the same office.


    This improvement works with both Classic and Smart Projects, but only for memoQ integration. In integrations with other CAT Tools, the usernames in external systems must still be unique.

    This improvement works only for Clients. Vendors still need to be mapped with unique usernames in external systems.

    When using many-to-one mapping for Clients, make sure your resources selection rules are adjusted accordingly: both in the integration with Classic Projects as well as in memoQ project templates.

    Read also:

    How to match Vendors, Clients and Users in memoQ integration

    Separate endpoints in Client Portal API for adding Projects and Quotes

    We have introduced new endpoints in Client Portal API:

    POST /v2/projects

    POST /v2/quotes

    They allow adding new Projects and Quotes (Smart or Classic, depending on the selected Service). The main difference compared to the currently available method is that by using the POST /v2/projects endpoint users can directly create a new Classic Project in the Home Portal with no Quote associated with it (currently XTRF creates a Quote, and the Manager has to manually click through it to convert it into a Project). In addition, the request body has been simplified and the parameters like Service, Specialization or Price Profile, are now defined by their ID, not the name.

    The Manager and Client will receive a notification about a newly created Project or Quote, if the notifications are enabled.


    The new endpoints currently work only as an alternative for external operations performed through Client Portal API. The Client Portal itself still uses the legacy endpoint POST /quotes, so the behavior of buttons REQUEST A QUOTE and LAUNCH A PROJECT doesn’t change yet. However, the new endpoints will be integrated into the interface of the new Client Portal that’s coming later this year.

    Separate processing of untrusted user input

    Analyzing uploaded files is now processed with a separate service.

    This technical improvement will result in better stability and fewer system crashes, as analyzing input files will be performed in a separate process with its own resources.


    Please pay attention to the latest instructions when updating XTRF, as they will outline the details necessary to install the new service. Failing to perform these steps will result in reduced system functionality.

    3. Deprecated features

    NBP exchange rates

    The NBP (National Bank of Poland) and European Central Bank currency exchange rates synchronization has been deprecated and will be discontinued by the end of September 2022.

    For new Clients, the default source for rate synchronization has been set to Open Exchange Rates. The remaining few Clients are requested to change NBP and ECB to Open Exchange Rates.


    Administrators can go to the Configuration Menu > Integration > Periodic Jobs and edit the periodic job called “Currency exchange rates synchronization”. In the ‘Job Configuration’ section click on the Bank drop-down menu, and change ‘Narodowy Bank Polski’ and 'European Central Bank' to ‘’, then click Save.
    If this periodic job is not available for editing by any user, please contact XTRF Helpdesk.

    POST /quotes API endpoint

    Client Portal API endpoint POST /quotes has been deprecated due to the introduction of separate API endpoints for adding Projects and Quotes (see the section ‘Separate endpoints in Client Portal API’ for more information). The deprecated endpoint will be removed in the future, but no sooner than one year after releasing the new Client Portal.

    4. Relevant bug fixes

    This release contains security fixes. Please update as soon as possible.




    Vendor Portal - Jobs

    When a Vendor delivered a link and selected specific Target Languages, the system wouldn’t recognize that choice and keep Target Languages as ‘Any’, which later caused a validation error.

    In case of one language combination, the system sets it as default for delivered links.

    In case of multiple language combinations, empty fields appear where languages can be selected.

    Vendor Portal - Holidays and Vacation

    One additional holiday day would appear in the 'Workload' view in the Home Portal when holidays were booked in the Vendor Portal.

    Fixed the displayed amount of holidays in all time zones.

    System - Smart Views

    Smart Views with applied exchange currency filters did not display data in a timely manner.

    Fixed the performance of filtered Smart Views.


    When issuing a Credit Note, after pressing an "Items" button a null error message appeared.

    Removed an error while switching tabs in the Credit Note view.


    Invoice numbers are not trimmed.

    The system allows saving invoices with the same number.

    The system automatically removes expendable spaces on either side of the Client / Vendor invoice number.

    Also when attempting to save an invoice with an existing number, the system prompts a warning and demands entering a unique one.

    Integrations - Quickbooks Online

    Some Vendor invoices were not synced with Quickbooks Online.

    Fixed processing invoice dates in the XXXX-YY-ZZ format.

    Customizations - Document Templates

    If a Quote Task number was different from a Project Task number, a Project Task number would appear on a Quote invoice made with an OpenPDF template, instead of a Quote Task number.

    Fixed the display of a Quote Task number on an OpenPDF invoice.

    Smart Project - Finance

    ‘Add Payment’ button was missing after issuing a prepayment invoice.

    ‘Add Payment’ button is reinstated after creating a prepayment invoice.

    Feedback and Evaluation

    Clicking ‘Preview & Print’ did not work correctly in ‘Client Complaint’ and ‘Internal Nonconformity’ OpenPDF templates.

    Fixed ‘Preview & Print’ to display the template in a language selected in the ‘Document Templates’ drop-down.


    The ‘Cannot remove ready invoices’ message always showed in English regardless of the system language version.

    Corrected the localization of the message when deleting an invoice.

    Configuration - System Values

    Expendable spaces were present in Settings > Paths and URLs.

    Added trimming to ‘Paths and URLs’ section.

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