Leszek Bigos (XTRF Technical Writer) 5 months ago in Patch (fix), e.g. 8.1.3 updated 5 months ago 1




Removed an error while switching tabs in the Credit Note view.

Invoicing - Clients

Fixed adding payments for a Prepayment Invoice.

Invoicing - Clients

Removed the "Duplicate as Pro Forma" button when Pro Forma Invoice is turned off.

Invoicing - Clients

Credit Note duplication blocked.

Invoicing - Clients

Removed an error while creating a Credit Note from a duplicate invoice.

Customizations - Document Templates

After creating a Theme, the "User" column is not empty anymore.

Customizations - Document Templates

Fixed the display of a Quote Task number on an OpenPDF invoice.

BIRT Templates; openPDF

Improved the mechanism for setting document templates as default to minimize inconsistencies in the database after migration.

Feedback and Evaluation

Fixed ‘Preview & Print’ to display the template in a language selected in the ‘Document Templates’ drop-down.

Client Portal - Projects;

Client Portal - Quotes

Fixed the localization of file categories in the Client Portal.

Release Notes