Leszek Bigos (XTRF Technical Writer) 6 months ago in Patch (fix), e.g. 8.1.3 updated 6 months ago 1



Integrations - CAT - XTM

Integration with XTM now works with 21 more languages.

Integrations - CAT - Memsource

Fixed an issue where the Memsource integration would return an error during the ‘External project finalization’ Job, if the name of the uploaded file contained the “%” character.

Configuration - User Management

Fixed an issue where Gantt views were not displayed properly because of insufficient user rights.

Invoicing - Clients

Improved the behavior of a popup in the invoice browsing view: after selecting an invoice and clicking on ‘Issue a Credit Note’, selecting a ‘Reason for Correction’ from a drop-down menu now works on the first click.

Invoicing - Clients

When duplicating an invoice, copying of ‘Discount / Surcharges’ defined in ‘Item’ has been fixed.


Pricing and Rates

Fixed saving notes when adding a Client Rate.

Customizations - Document Templates;

Feedback and Evaluation

Fixed Document Template selection for ‘Internal Nonconformity’ and ‘Client Complaint’.

Classic Projects and Quotes

Removed a rare database condition that would block issuing a Credit Note. when there was a ‘Regular Charge’ payment plan selected, not a default ‘Standard Payment’.

Release Notes