Leszek Bigos (XTRF Technical Writer) 6 months ago in Patch (fix), e.g. 8.1.3 updated 6 months ago 1



Customizations - Document Templates

The language of template / theme localization options is now in line with the system language, instead of always being displayed in English.

Customizations - Document Templates;

Invoicing - Clients

‘Number not assigned’ message on a Credit Note is now displayed in the language of the Credit Note, not system language.

System - Smart Views - Document Templates

Added a 'Legacy Internal ID' column to the document template views, to show the BIRT templates’ ID numbers which were used before the migration process.

Invoicing - Clients

Fixed a flickering calendar when adding payments in the ‘Invoicing’ module.

Integrations - CAT - SDL Trados

Fixed a migration script to keep the same Job Types mapped before the migration to a single Job in a CAT Tool. The fix works as long as there’s no semicolon in the Job name (to be fixed).

Pricing and Rates

Fixed an issue with uploading and displaying price lists with several thousand items.

Vendor Portal - Invoices

Fixed an error while creating invoices in the Vendor Portal, when the list of Jobs for invoicing contained Quotes not converted into Projects, and at the same time, only Jobs from the same branch were allowed on a Vendor Invoice.

BIRT Templates; System - Migration (Scripts)

Improved scripts to optimize the migration process (technical fix).

Release Notes