Leszek Bigos (XTRF Technical Writer) 7 months ago in Patch (fix), e.g. 8.1.3 updated 7 months ago 1


This release contains security fixes. Please update as soon as possible.



Integrations - CAT - SDL Trados (latest Trados Agent required)

Fixed an error while creating Trados projects for Asian languages.

Integrations - CAT - SDL Trados (latest Trados Agent required)

Fixed an error while finalizing Trados projects for Asian languages.

Invoicing - Clients

Fixed the display of Total Value when editing Receivables in a Credit Note: with no Rate Value or Quantity provided, Total Value field is now empty, instead of ‘0’.

Invoicing - Clients

Fixed a bug where the ‘Issue a Credit Note’ button would not work after deleting the previous credit note.

Invoicing - Clients

Fixed switching between an original invoice and a credit note: no error appears anymore.

Customizations - Document Templates

Fixed inconsistent placement of buttons in the browsing view for templates.

Customizations - Document Templates

Improved the display of the Active / Default radio buttons when adding a Theme.

Customizations - Document Templates; Vendor Portal

Fixed an issue in Smart Projects where a Multiple Purchase Order was sent on an inactive template type, instead of a default one.

Smart Project - Finance

Fixed missing details of CAT Receivables and Payables when a wrong format of CAT analysis file was used to calculate finances.

Vendor Portal

Fixed the calendar: now it displays Monday or Sunday as the first day of the week, depending on the selected location.

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