Leszek Bigos (XTRF Technical Writer) 1 year ago in Patch (fix), e.g. 8.1.3 updated 1 year ago 1



Integrations - CAT - Trados Agent

Upgraded Trados Agent to be compatible with Trados Studio 2021 SR1

Integrations - CAT - Memsource

Changed creating new Memsource projects to meet the updated Memsource password requirements.

Updated Memsource password requirements may result in problems with running existing Memsource projects. Contact us if you encounter the following error message: "Memsource password doesn't meet requirements. Please contact the XTRF Support Team."

Integrations - CAT - XTM

Added a new language - Bemba - to the XTM Integration.



Integrations - CAT - Memsource

Removed an error during the Post-Analysis for Jobs where an XTRF session would end before all transactions were complete.

Smart Connectors

Fixed an issue when creating projects via a Smart Connector where the default checkbox values in Custom Fields were ignored.


Smart Project - Finance

Fixed adding Receivables through the API where they wouldn’t get added in case of a certain synchronization with XTRF Chat.

System - Performance

Fixed an issue with missing parameters which caused XTRF to load up all Projects at once, deplete the memory, become non-responsive and randomly restart.


Fixed an issue related to adding a new payment method in Vendor and Clients profiles: a duplicated (but empty) SWIFT Custom Field would appear in a macro, and sometimes the empty field would be wrongfully considered as default.


If your firewall is configured to restrict outgoing traffic, make sure XTRF can access the TCP port at before the update.

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